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Dublin's Girl

January 20, 2021

Dublins Girl  is her debut novel and a work of fiction which was inspired when she read her aunt’s Bureau of Military Statement. Her aunt worked in Dublin for the political party in 1917 that was trying to gain independence from England. Her aunt worked with Michael Collins and Éamon  De Valera who she continued to work for after the Civil War as his private secretary. 

Kitty's War

Kitty's War was inspired by Germany's plan to invade Ireland, codenamed Plan Kathleen.

Kilkenny, 1939  Kitty Flynn's world is shattered when she's forced to leave and flee to London. 

But a summons back home in 1941 thrusts her into a new battle, where family secrets and a mysterious threat to tear her apart. 

With danger lurking at every turn, Kitty must navigate treacherous waters between protecting her loved ones and the demands of G2, Irish Intelligence, who seek secrets from German internees.

She is torn between protecting her loved ones and risking everything for freedom.

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