The Camino – French Way May 2018


‘More wine.’

That’s how the Camino walk evolved.  I have hazy recollections discussing this with five good friends one summer Friday night in 2017.  After a meal to celebrate our friend’s new job we ended the evening in our usual haunt The Nore Bar, and there we decided to do the Camino. I know it was for my benefit as I was to reach a milestone the following March. Half a century old, but I didn’t want a party because I was still grieving for the loss of my only daughter the year before. I know she would have loved a party, so, it just didn’t seem right. I still wanted to crawl under a stone at times but my good friends they never let me. So that was how the Camino in May 2018 evolved.

Over the next few weeks, a date and number of days we were going away for was agreed, and we let the travel agents organise everything.

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