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10tips to combat writer's block

Updated: Apr 5

Every writer claims to have writer's block; some say it is a myth, as teachers don't get a setback where they can't teach or a nurse can't help the sick.

If this happens to go for a walk, and brainstorm, but it is a really effective method and will help your story. Put some distance from your story.

1) Write ten things that might happen next.

2) Write ten things that will absolutely not happen next

3) Write ten things that are wrong with your story

4) Write ten things that are right for your story

5) Writer your character's motivations

6) Write all your character's fears

7) Write a letter to your character

8) Get your character to write to you like a penpal; they tell you all about themselves.

9)Brainstorm bullet points

10) The best way to overcome writer's block is to write. Freewrite about anything.

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