The world as we know it.

The world seems to be filled with sadness and fear. Maybe it’s 24h/7hr access to the news on the television or internet. But we seem to be constantly immersed in others peoples grief and misery. I now catastrophic news sells better. An earthquake in a Greek island where houses tumble like dominoes or a tsunami in some island we can’t pronounce will grab our attention.

First, it was terrorist attacks in some middle eastern country. Muslim against Muslim. We said, ‘Jesus that’s awful,’ and got on with our day, but when it happens in mainland Europe our response is different not only verbally but emotionally. We feel the victims pain and if there are fatalities we feel the grief the parents, brothers or sisters will feel.  150 people could be murdered in a middle eastern country but one fatality in Europe we immediately stop what we are doing and hope there are no more.

Is the person in the middle east any less human than the person in Europe? Why do we react differently? They are also fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters but we feel differently and why is that? I assume it is because they wear different clothes, worship a different God, we don’t don’t have the same level of empathy unless they think the same as us.

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